Valentin Loschinin

About me

I am a true follower of the User Centric Approach in creating products. Adding value to the users enriches their lives, makes people more productive, smart and happy.

The Design Thinking Process and The Lean Startup methodology help me to observe what people feel and need, to find interesting insights, to create relevant concepts, to test them, to quickly receive meaningful results and discover how the original idea can be improved. It’s crucial for me to work with a great diversity of team members because different opinions and views are indispensable for innovation. Using feedback and running team development sessions regularly help me move through conflicts and find ways for the group to perform more efficiently.

I love to bring the knowledge and skills I’ve developed through more than 10 years of design industry experience to areas such as: Service Design, Product Design, Creative Concepts, User Experience Design, Interactive Design, Visual Design, Team Development and Leadership.


Originally I am from Russia, but currently live and work in Stockholm, Sweden. If you think there might be a mutual interest in working together, please contact me by email or follow me on social networks:


Valentin Loschinin








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