Valentin Loschinin

Bloodline Champions

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An original web page with scrolling animation reveals essential information about the game and allows the user to interact with game environment and characters.

Bloodline Champions
My Role

Art Director



Game Developer

Stunlock Studios

Release date

January 2012


Bloodline Champions is a competitive online multiplayer game for up to ten players per match, in which two teams fight for dominance. Each player can choose between a variety of playable bloodlines with different spectacular abilities.

The site demonstrates the flow of a battle using scrolling animation effects. The user can learn about Bloodline Champions’ unique game mechanics, explore the game environment, meet key characters and explore their abilities.

The users become a part of a site's role play by controlling the movements of the characters with their scrollbar.


Here is a screencast of how the animation looks when you scroll down:

Scrolling animation
Scrolling animation


Each scene has detailed information about certain features on its sub pages. When you are on a sub page the background of the site becomes dark like it’s nighttime. The scrolling animation effect continues to function, so you can continue playing.

Player vs. Player Characters

Sub pages with detailed inforamtion about game features

Creative team

Client testimonial

I believe the page managed to funnel visitors to stick with the innovative layout and design. I would recommend Valentin to guide the creation of any similar project.”

Rickard Frisegård, CEO at Stunlock Studios
Rickard Frisegård

CEO at Stunlock Studios