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Corporate website

A corporate website for Ukrainian petroleum station chain. Visitors will be surprised to find no automobiles, no oil tankers or gas stations on the site.

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Art. Lebedev Studio

Release date

July 2008



Parallel has been in the petroleum business since 1995. It owns a chain of gas stations, two oil storage depots, and a fleet of tanker trucks. To produce an astounding first impression the site’s main page features no automobiles.


The project brief said we could introduce some scandalous and even erotic elements, as long as the website retained enough of a businesslike look. It sounded fantastic, so I decided that the main page would feature a naked girl. Before inviting a real model I used a plastic dummy for photo experiments to find a pose that wasn't too vulgar.

Main page

Main page

To associate the girl with the road, petroleum and automobile industry I added some internals — I replaced her lungs with air bags, her stomach with a gas tank, and her brain with a battery. The user could explore every piece of the organism by moving a cursor over the body.

Girl illustration

Two layers of the main illustration represent the petroleum business

Sub pages also contain images that were thoroughly and exhaustively created to represent the content in a highly metaphorical and engaging way.

Corporate page

Sub page "B2B services"

About page Production page

Sub pages "About us" and "Products"


To learn more about the procces of creation and the symbolism of the illustrations delve into the following articles:

Sprout illustration

Enlarged illustration for the "B2B services" sub page


Illustrations for key sub pages

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