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PlanetSide 2

Promo site

Promo site for a sci-fi online shooter. A vast, beautiful and cinematic scale of the game is represented with several differently scaled scenes, from a detailed close up to a wide angle long shot.

PlanetSide 2
PlanetSide 2
My Role

Design Director



Game Developer

Sony Online Entertainment

Release date

August 2013



PlanetSide 2 is a massively multiplayer online game, created by Sony Online Entertainment. My team was asked to support the process of launching the Russian version of the game from the design perspective. The main task was to create a promo site for the game.


In order to achieve the high standards set by SOE we needed to develop a strong strategic foundation, define the big idea and create key visuals. We invited a few collegues from other departments to a co-creation workshop. Everyone of them contributed to the research stage and participated in the process of creating the concept.

Co-creation workshop Co-creation workshop

Co-creation workshop

During the process of creation the Community Managers of the project, who were engaged with the gamer community, also conducted user research, and discussed some benefits and existing problems with actual players. We took part in this process and learned a lot from it.


The Big Idea we came up with was called "The Cinematic Scale" because of the huge locations and the incredible number of possible players logged in simultaneously. The site's layout was based on this idea. A cinematic scale of the game was achieved by creating several differently scaled scenes ranging from a detailed close up to a wide angle long shot.

Zoom in and out as you explore the key features of the game

Each scene offers detailed information about characters, vehicles and aircraft, empires and the entire planet.


Key scenes set the stage and present the features of the game, its classes, combat units and sides of the conflict and describe the continents on the planet.

Main page

The main page provides a close-up view of a "player vs. player" fight


A zoomed-out scene displays a variety of ingame classes


This scene shows different kinds of ground vehicles and aircraft

Landscape generation

Landscape generation

To reproduce the original environment of the game we created an algorithm that generated canyons and rocks to build the landscape stone by stone.

Working on the landscape and the appearance of the rocks


Site visitors can explore technical information about classes, vehicles and aircraft, learn about competing empires and choose to join one.

Engineer's sub page

A sub page with class details

Skat's sub page

A sub page with information about a vehicle

Some units have special abilities. Users can explore unit capabilities by switching to additional tabs:

Special ability
Special ability

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